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US Shopping Online

Step 1: Shop for it

Go shopping online at any US based etailer and find the products you want. If you need help finding the best shops, visit our Stores tab for some recommendations.

Once you find what your looking for, start the checkout process.

Prohibited Items
Some items are not able to be exported from the US. Visit our Policy page.

Buy and Ship from any US Store

Step 2: Ship It

During the checkout process, when you are buying your items, enter your Goopping address as your shipping address. Be sure to include your Customer ID in the second address line of your shipping address ~ this way we will know the package belongs to you when it arrives at Goopping.

Your Goopping ID and Goopping Address can be found by visiting your Account tab.
Ship from US to your location

Step 3: Confirm it

When we receive your package at Goopping we will notify you by email. You will be able to see the details, including a picture of your items, by visiting the Manage Orders tab.

You may tell us to ship your items right away, or have us hold your items if you have additional purchases on the way. (The more items you ship together, the more you save!) You will need to confirm the customs value of your items before we can ship.

If you choose not to consolidate an order, we will use the box that it arrived in to fowrard it on to you (unless it is damaged). If you choose to consolidate your items, we'll do so in the fewest amount of boxes possible, for free. If we need to use a new box for packing, there will be an additional charge (see "New Box Fee" below.)

Track your package

Step 4: Receive it

Once you instruct us to ship, we usually process the order within the next business day. If you requested the "Tell Me The Cost" option, we will pack your items and let you know the final cost before we charge your card. You will need to approve the charge before we ship.

We will deliver your items right to your door usually within three to five days. You can track your shipments in the Recently Shipped section of the Manage Orders page.

There may be duties or taxes due upon delivery. You may read more about duties and tax on our Policy page.

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Buy For Me Service

Buy from US Stores for Me We will require all first time buy for me orders to provide us with a valid form of government ID and/or a copy of a recent credit card statement to complete transaction.

Our Buy-For-Me service is a great way to get the things you want from US online shops that don't accept non-US credit cards. Simply use the Buy-For-Me link at the bottom Manage Orders page to let us know what you're looking for and we'll do the shopping for you. Make sure you include details like color, size, etc.

If you're buying from more than one store, we'll consolidate your orders and save you money!

With the Buy-For-Me service, we will charge your card once when we buy your items, and a second time when we ship them to you. See "Fees" below for more detail.

Buy-For-Me cannot purchase items that are on auction or on sites that are outside the US.

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Competitive Rates


  • Membership: Free!
  • Package Consolidation: Free!
  • Handling Fee: $9.99 per shipment
  • Shipping: Based on weight or dimensions, and destination. Get a shipping estimate using our Shipping Calculator
  • Buy For Me Fee: 10% of the order total or a $20 minimum.


  • Loss and Damage Protection: First $100 declared value free, additional $2.00 for every $100 after that. (See Policies for more information.)
  • New Box Fee: $6 per box when our warehouse needs to use a new box to pack your items.
  • Return Fee: $9.99 (See Policies for more information)
  • Storage Fees: First 30 days are free! $3.00 per box per month. Calculated after the arrival of the first item.
  • Additional Item Fee:
    1. First 5 items per order are free
    2. Items 6-10 are $1.00 per item
    3. Items 11-20 are $0.75 per item
    4. Items 21-50 are $0.50 per item
    5. Items 51- are $0.25 per item
  • Duties and Taxes: May be required depending on destination country.
  • B2B: For repeat business shipments contact us at: 1-877-811-8108. *Business contacts only.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

"Thanks for your excellent back up on this matter. It deserves top rating AAA++++, for sure. Thanks again, will use you guys again."

- Cavan, Australia

"Thanks for your great customer service. Very impressive."

- Milena, Australia

"Just wanted to give you guys a quick thank you. You provide an awesome service - I received my package today in perfect condition. Well done! I'm impressed with the photos you take before the item is shipped. Great communication and customer service. Looking forward to buying more and asking for your service again soon. I'll be recommending you with confidence to my friends."

- Simon, Australia

"I just wanted to send a big thank you for the outstanding service provided by the Goopping Team. This was my first time using your services and I am very impressed. I will be highly recommending your company!"

- Claudia, Canada

"I just wanted to say thank you for the prompt and professional service that you have given me. I will definitely recommend and use your services again."

- James, UK

"Your company is outstanding with the level of customer service you offer. I repeatedly tell other people looking for a forwarding agent how good Goopping is. All the best!"

-Laurence, Australia

"We are very happy with your service and will be using you again, as well as it was a trial for us, you can expect not only our business but mechanical services to you as well."

-Debbie, Australia

"Thanks to all at Goopping. 3 days from Utah to Perth Australia with tracking capabilities the whole way. I was blown away! Keep up the great service. Regards!"

-Andrew, Australia

"Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with your service. Very detailed, efficient and economical. I don't really know what else I would want. Thanks again. Look forward to using you again. Regards,

-Wade, Australia

"I would like to say thank you, to all of you for getting my shipment here on time...You guys are always on time:) I received my shipment here yesterday just a little after 3pm, I was hoping to get here by Friday and received it a day earlier. Wow you people are just amazing!

-Paula, Canada

"I am very satisfied with the service Goopping by displaying the image on my order. Thank you."

-Yungki, Albania

"Goopping is awesome! Got my order from Amazon extremely fast to Australia, at a great rate! Thank you!"

-Stefan, Australia

"D*** you guys are fast. 5 days to Perth over Christmas! Well done."

-David, Australia

"It's hard to find limited production 'Thomas kids ride' which I manage to buy from a collector in the USA. The shipping by Goopping saved me a ton of money. I know, because I did the shipping with another firm, and that cost me more than double. Goopping did it faster, cheaper and better! I told all my friends how I saved USD 100 just like that!"

-Hong, Singapore

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